Are Women Entrepreneurial Groups Practicing Reverse Bigotry?

As a retired entrepreneur, a founder of a franchise company, I often assist individuals who are highly committed, and willing to persevere to succeed in their own entrepreneurial endeavor. And I say to them – “You are what makes America great!” Indeed I am thus, asked to speak at various groups which focus on business start-ups. What I’ve found is that many are close knit groups, and they are often not all that inclusive. Let me explain.

You see, I’ve spoken at Women Entrepreneurial Groups, and Hispanic Entrepreneur Clubs for instance. I will also listen to others speak, and I hear things like; “We need to stick together, do business with each other, and develop our networks – Hispanic Pride!” Okay, I get that, it makes sense, and until about 30-years ago, most community businessmen’s clubs were all men, mostly all “white men” and over the years folks noticed and said; “hey, wait one minute!”Yes, you see here in America we stand for the best person gets the job, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age, sex, etc, so, may I be so bold as to ask; “why is it okay now to have a reversal – that is to say, why is it okay to have an all-women’s entrepreneurial group, a black business club, or a Hispanic Business Pride group of focused small business people?” After all, each of these groups has formed to “keep it in the family” so to speak, at the exclusion of others, those who are different.

In my professional opinion, this speaks of the greatest hypocrisy of our time, this reverse discrimination is not the answer. You cannot on one hand complain about the past, and then seek revenge, and call two-wrongs now righteous. It isn’t and everyone ought to know this, but they are blind to this reality. Personally, I know I am the best in the World at what I do, seriously, I have the statistics and history to prove that statement, and I didn’t get there by joining any white-only, or male only business groups.

Another issue that totally bothers me is when Women Entrepreneurs use sex appeal, and often write “Ms.” before their name, even when they are married, and when I ask them why, they say; “because it helps in business!” Yes, probably, but it’s a lie. Whatever happened to false and misleading marketing? And if they do this, what are they selling – a false image? Further, many are quite frank about their use of sex appeal saying; “if you’ve got it, flaunt it, all is fair in business.”

Well, okay, but if so, there shouldn’t be any complaints when guys see women as women rather than business people. If these women want respect, and exclusivity in their own business groups, and on top of that the use of sex appeal, then there shouldn’t be any reason for anyone to ever again speak of glass-ceilings, racism, sexism, or anything else. Quite frankly, I’m tired of it. Flirting one’s way in the door, might be a very good sales tactic, but what I want is the best person, company, or team for the job. The dress-for-success, flirting routines, and all the use of industry buzz-words, and talk of professionalism is enough to make me sick to my stomach. And after listening to many of the women in these groups after I give speeches, really makes me not want to volunteer my knowledge to Women Entrepreneurial groups any longer.

We need to stop this double standard, because it is unbecoming of the rhetoric and reasoning behind the need for equality. Please consider all this, and if you contact me please come up with some debate point I haven’t heard before – impress me!

Entrepreneurial Mindset – Developing Your Business Skills

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Most people dream
of financial freedom and want to start their own business.
However, when it comes to the crunch they still need to
develop their business skills to develop an entrepreneurial
mindset. People want financial freedom because they want
financial security. Running a successful business involves
a mindset change where you take risks, need to be creative
and you need a drive to succeed. If you are a lazy person I
suggest you stick to your day job where you get told what
to do by your boss. One of the most difficult things to do when making the
transition to an entrepreneurial mindset is that you need
to stop thinking like an employee. You need to learn to do
things by yourself and motivate yourself to succeed as
their is no one watching you. You need to learn how to be
confident and a leader. You also need to learn the value of
persistence and be mentally tough. Even when things are not
going in your favour you need to be inventive enough and
learn new skills to turn your business around.

One of the things you need to do when you start a business
you need to follow the law of attraction. Things will seem
impossible. You will have a vision and not know exactly how
to achieve it. From my experience I have found that in
reality things do not work exactly as you intended in your
business plan. By focusing on your positive energy and
visualizing what you want to achieve you will be able to
attract the right energy in your life to succeed. I suggest
you watch the Secret dvd or read the book Mind Power by
John Kehoe. Follow these guidelines to develop an entrepreneurial
mindset and you will soon succeed beyond your wildest
dreams. You will have the opportunity to make things come
true which you thought never possible.

How to Retain the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Once you have obtained the entrepreneurial mindset, you want to ensure that you never lose it. After living with it for so long you always run the risk of taking it for granted. Never forget how important it is to maintain your success in the business world.

In order to secure the entrepreneurial mindset for the long-term, you need to occasionally re-examine your business. Pose a series of questions to yourself like, why did you get into your business? What did you hope to achieve in the first place? Are you still providing the services you hoped to offer when you initially started? What spurred your passion then and are you still passionate about your business today? Ask yourself these questions as a way of reminding yourself of your company’s chief purpose. Even those who have achieved the entrepreneurial mindset can occasionally lose sight of their original goals. If you manage to stick to a strong business model however, over the course of time, your company will be viewed as the ultimate example of steady consistency and success.

You must try to remain positive as well in spite of whatever circumstances you may be experiencing. This cannot be stated enough times. All businesses suffer moments of great change or financial unrest. While you do not want to behave as though your problems are not happening, you must do everything in your power to prevent from entering a state of alarm. The only possible solution is to address these problems straight on. The alternative, to run and hide in sheer panic, can lead to the downfall of your business and the soiling of your reputation as a subscriber to the entrepreneurial mindset. Situations like this also serve as a great opportunity to learn from your mistakes. A large percentage of business is trial and error so encountering the occasional blunder is not the end of the world. If nothing else it reminds you to be fearless and to try new innovations like marketing tools, sales pitches or advertising devices. Remember that the entrepreneurial mindset encourages us to test the boundaries of the business world.